Chinese New Year 2020-The Year of the Rat

Laurie A. (Laurie Moore)
Top Psychic Advisor / Experienced Professional / Psychic, Telepath, Coach
Top Psychic Advisor / Experienced Professional / Psychic, Telepath, Coach

2020 Year Of The Chinese Zodiac

The year of the rat in 2020, will teach us profoundly valuable lessons about our relationship with our own thoughts, the people and animals around us, and our personal circumstances. We will have the opportunity to fine tune how we think, what we think about, and how these thoughts generate our realities. We will also be able to become precisely clear about who is in mutual creation with us. Also, we can discern who is sneakily taking energy from us for their benefit at our cost. Lastly, we will need to look at any ways in which we are giving or taking from others in an out of balance manner so as to alter this approach. For those who use the year of the rat as learning time, prosperity, happiness, and health are potential outcomes!

The Rat

Chinese New Year 2020 coincides with the rat animal. Those who have lived with a family animal member who is a rat by mutual agreement, find rats to be loving and kind. That which we love and nourish well, loves and nourishes back if the initial agreement is based mutually. When we give love to our own thoughts, the power of our own heart and brain embrace us well. When we choose people with whom to have mutually beneficial collaboration, the outcome is good. Such arrangements are delightful. However, this year people who come to take at your expense will also find ways to fool you. Are your agreements benefitting you or just those trying to get your talents, skills, and time? Look carefully! Make good choices. If you have to re-navigate a previous decision for your well being, do so right away!

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Your Health

Not only can 2020 be prosperous in financial terms, but also in good health. There can be some bouts of exhaustion throughout the year, especially for those who are working hard to accomplish their goals. Generally though, if you follow a great fitness routine, you will find your energy levels and overall health will have an optimal boost. Practicing meditation will add an extra touch to keep you calm and focussed. Be sure not to avoid these good practices as it will benefit you immensely in all areas of your life.


This year, you will be able to prosper financially if you make informed decisions. In fact, it’s regarded as a lucky year for all Chinese Zodiac signs. Take advantage of the prosperous energy by analyzing, researching, and investing in something that you have a passion for. The probability that it will turn out fruitful is high. It’s crucial though to recognize that these financial leaps need to be carefully planned beforehand. Always make sure to initiate your project and goals with a clear business plan. More importantly, follow your goals with determination, confidence and a positive outlook. This year requires positive vibes in order for positive situations to manifest.

While you may be busy focusing on your long term goals, jealousy is a negative factor that could be lurking in the background. Be aware of family or friends who may seem to have the best intentions for you, but are silently jealous of your actions and ambitions. They may come across as supportive but may steer you off your road to success by offering bad advice, discouragement, and manipulation. Be sure to pinpoint these individuals and try not to disclose all your personal goals and achievements.

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No Is The New Yes

Beware of those who sneak into your world to cause havoc by hiding their intentions. Rats living in your house walls, or your walls of consciousness are not a good deal. The energy is off. The outcome is detrimental to all. In fact, the rats may die in the hidden walls while you receive work loads not related to you. But, when you use this kind of experience as a contrast lesson to nudge you to be very cautious about who, how, and why you allow others in your world, you will prosper. You can choose people who make mutual agreements with you. You can choose thoughts that are positive so that your brain and body work well with you. Our brains and bodies are nourished by positive thoughts so you get a lot more good mileage.

Sometimes it is easier to say yes to persistent people with hidden agendas. Their non- stop gnawing can become so overwhelmingly irritating that it becomes easier to say yes to get them to leave you alone. However, this is when you go into depletion and lose your core value. Stop! Use this year to say no at any time you feel the answer is not a yes, but rather a ‘maybe’. ‘Maybe’ means something is not quite right. Next, define what you would like to attract. Your ‘no’ to what is not a good match will become a yes to something better which brings in ripples and echoes of prosperity or new health for a long time to come, even for eternity. Why? Because your wise ‘no’ leads to a new ‘yes’ , which is the doorway to generating prosperity and health regardless of fleeting circumstances.

Kasamba Kasamba

How Can You Benefit?

Don’t fall prey to asking what is going to happen. Be proactive. Instead of asking, what is going to happen if I stay on my current course of action? As yourself, how will I become more prosperous and healthy if I change directions, shift relations, and become better at knowing how to keep my best focus? Who are the right people to be around with? You can benefit from the Chinese New year 2020 calendar to build a wonderful, tranquil, and healthy year.

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