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Crystal Ball

As your online psychic gazes into the crystal ball, she sees visions of your future and secrets that are yet to be revealed. What will happen in your love life? Will you be moving to a new place soon? Our crystal ball readers can tell what's ahead, so find out with an online reading now!
Choose from Our Psychic Reading Advisors
Choose from Our Psychic Reading Advisors

The Story of the Crystal Ball

  • Trust your intuition! Browse profiles above, see who catches your eye and contact them.
  • Try out 3 different crystal ball readers with 3 minutes FREE. This time is for you to get to know your reader, ask questions and confirm that you’ve picked the right advisor.
  • If the chemistry is right, stay for a detailed reading!
  • Is he the one?
  • Are we soul mates?
  • Is he cheating? / Is he being true to me?
  • Am I getting married this year?
  • Am I going to get promoted at work?
  • Will I find a new job soon?
  • Should I take this new job?
  • Should I ask for a raise?
  • Is relocation a good idea for me?
  • Should I adopt a pet?

  • Tell me about the future of my love life.
  • When will I find love? How?
  • What does the future hold for my career?
  • Where will I be in a year or two?
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • What do you see regarding my health?
  • How will my living situation be in a few months?