Dream Interpretation- What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean For You

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Are you waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot and bothered? Do your sex dreams involve someone unanticipated? Do your dreams result in sleep orgasms? You’re not alone! Before you start jumping to conclusions, sex dream meanings are not always literal; the messages those dreams are really sending to you are not what you would expect. Read on to learn the various sex dream meanings and how you can interpret them in your waking life.
Shelve any guilt that you may have. Sex dreams are apparitions of our subconscious desires, worries, and anxieties that might not necessarily be sexual at all. Dreams are rarely premonitions but are essentially a mirror of our subconscious. How you feel at present and often relate to what is happening in your waking life or something you are trying to resolve.
There are many instances in which we can decipher dreams in their literal meaning. For example, suppose your bedroom activity is non-existent, and you are, in fact sexually frustrated. In that case, you may indeed find yourself having recurring sex dreams and ones that result in wet dreams or orgasm. This is why it is important not to interpret a dream outside of the context of your own circumstances.
Below, I set out some metaphorical interpretations of prevalent sex dreams. If you dream about having sex; dream meaning behind it is not what you think it is. This is not an exhaustive list, and neither are these dreams limited to these interpretations. An advisory note of caution - all dreams should be read and interpreted in the context of looking at how the dream relates to actual circumstances impacting and unfolding in your life. It is important to seek help with interpreting your dreams to ensure that you don’t jump to conclusions about the actual meanings.

sex dream meaning sex dream meaning

Common Sex Dream Meaning

Oral Sex Dream Meaning

Oral sex dreams are often linked to the act of verbal communication, the lack of or need for it in your waking life. It could also be seen as a double entendre about talking about sex. Dreaming about oral sex is more often than not symbolic of close and intimate conversation in real life because the mouth is doing all of the work in the dream.
Dreaming about giving or receiving oral sex can indicate your need to communicate with your partner about your sexual needs and desires. Alternatively, it could be a dream in which you are merely acting out your sexual fantasies- this being one literal interpretation.
Suppose you are watching two other people giving and receiving oral sex. In that case, this could indicate you are being excluded or were not part of a conversation that you perhaps would have liked to have been part of.
Additionally, to dream that you are giving or receiving oral sex signifies your willingness to give or receive pleasure and joy. It can also be symbolic of your creative energies and a link to symbolism related to your need for control or submissiveness in any context in your waking life.

Sex With A Stranger

This is one of the most common sex dreams that people have and is often referred to as the mystery lover dream or a fantasy nightmare depending on how you view it.
It might be a shock to wake up and realize that the sex dream that gave you a sleep orgasm or wet dream was not with your current partner—thus making you feel guilty. Relax! Sex dreams do not imply that there is a conscious desire in you to be unfaithful.
If, however, your dream involves someone who isn’t your partner and someone you are definitely attracted to in real life (excluding celebrities), this is a dream that could be a red flag that you are subconsciously looking elsewhere for something missing in your relationship. Take a look at the frequency of your sex routine and life with your current partner. Ask yourself if you are getting enough intimacy and whether there is a good variety.
Dream cheating does not automatically mean you are unsatisfied or missing anything in your relationship. It is often a warning that you have allowed something or someone else to dominate your waking hours; it could be a work obligation or a new side hustle or hobby, but not necessarily a new love interest.

having sex dream meaning having sex dream meaning

Sex With An Ex Dream Meaning

Even if many years have passed since breaking up with your ex, this dream might leave you waking up in a panic! For sure, you might just miss that person or the excellent chemistry or sex that you had and that which your ex bought into your life. Dreaming about an ex is not a sign that you should ring them up out of the blue and declare your undying love for them or ask for a reunion frolics.
Are you dreaming about an ex who broke your heart? This is a key indication that perhaps, you have not fully healed from or got over that experience. Maybe you are stuck emotionally or some unresolved issues without a solution.

Sex With Your Boss

These dreams are often linked to you looking for power and or dominance. Depending on your personal circumstances, sex dreams with your boss are not necessarily about the person. It is more about what they represent i.e. money, power, status, and dominance control. These types of dreams should prompt you to look for areas in your own life in which you need to take more control.

Sex With A Co-Worker

Sex dreams involving a co-worker does not necessarily mean you want to have sex with them. It is more likely that you admire some aspect of their personality, work ethic, or some admirable trait. Therefore, this could be a golden opportunity for your own personal growth and figuring out who you really have the potential to be.
Yes, it could also be a manifestation that you are harboring a secret attraction to the person you spend countless hours collaborating with.

oral sex dream meaning oral sex dream meaning

Wet Dream Meaning

Wet dream interpretation can vary, but generally, having wet dreams and sleep orgasms are the physical response to an erotic or sex dream that then goes onto cause involuntary ejaculation, orgasm, or night emissions for men and women.
If you are dreaming that you are experiencing wet dreams or sleep orgasms, this is likely to be representative of your need for release in some aspect of your life, whether that be in work or in a romantic situation. It can also be an indication that you are no longer able to sustain some aspect of your real-life situation, and something needs to give way.
Given a literal interpretation, you might also look to reassess whether you are completely satisfied with the amount and intensity of intimacy in your life. This may be a sign of a need to relieve any sexual tensions which might exist, and this dream may be your libido’s way of telling you that it has been too long since you were last intimate or have had a sufficient emotional connection.


It is important to stress that your waking-life context is key in helping to understand the insights your dreams are offering before you jump to any conclusions about the meaning or interpretation of your dreams.
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