About My Services

Do you require help with you Love life, or perhaps you just require guidance or answers? When you are attracted to someone and before taking things to the next level, stop and ask yourself why? It is easy to attribute love to magic, intuition or chance. But when you actually stop and ask yourself ‘why?’, it gives you clarity and honesty. Conversely, you do not need to be in a relationship to love. The way to truly love starts with loving ourselves. You do not need to jump into a relationship or another to experience and practice love. Let me help you see what your future holds for you and your loved ones so that you can chose the appropriate path to live a happy and fulfilled life. Knowing you are in love feels differently for everyone, but certainly you start seeing the other person as an extension of yourself. I always encourage independence in love. Consider detaching yourself from the idea of a perfect person and holding the person you are in love with to an impossible standard. In an ideal world, on the proviso that the other person is not emotionally or physically hurting you, you should accept a partner for who they are unconditionally. These are the keys to a happy, fulfilling and a romantic relationship.

Experience & Qualifications

Thank you for visiting my profile. I have worked in the field of spirituality for over 10 years and during this time have helped many individuals through difficult situations arising in their lives. Let me guide you to find the best outcome to any problem or situation that you need answers to or guidance. It is important to remember that we are born with the important instinct of free will. This gives us the ability to learn things for ourselves from our own mistakes and also to make our own decisions in life. My advice comes from years of professional as well as from personal experience.