Advisor Sunshine

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Taking the help of Astrology. I will be guiding you how to deal with the hard and sensitive situations of the life, So that you will take the right decision to reach to your destination. Other Specialties  
About My Services

As I can take the help of Astrology to show you the right path so that you will be achieve your goals and Make yourself ready accept the things whatever it may be good or bad. being astrology has teach me to use all my God gifts at different situation levels, depending on what you need to know in matter of life issues love, romance, relationship, career, divorce, answers, to your all burning question, only blunt truth no false hopes.

Experience & Qualifications

As I am having experience of 17 years, in this spiritual guidance, since my child hood I have been helping and guiding so many people around me, through my God gifted abilities and psychic abilities, and I started exploring the power full influence of stars from the age of 8 years, and also I will take the help of my angels and guides so just give me a chance to guide you as a good way fast and to the point.


I am gifted psychic and I get my ability from my grandmother.