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I know it's not easy. Yes! Astrology and reading birth charts are not easy tasks. I will do the hard work for you and explain your birth chart in the most simple manner. I will help you understand your hidden personality which will help you understand everything, whether it's love, family, career or even casual daily encounters. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I use Astrology and planet positions to do deep personality analysis and help people understand certain traits in their personality. Using the Natal chart, I can provide vital explanations of individualism, communication, emotional interest, physical attraction and much more. Once you understand your Natal Chart, you'll be able to define compatibility in various relationships, whether it's with a love partner, family member, friend or colleague. Most people identify astrology with zodiac signs, I wish it was that simple! Your zodiac sign is just the beginning of a deeper and more complex world that revolves around you. I will help you understand this world and will show you how to use each trait in your personality to your advantage. The orbital position of each planet at the time of your birth makes a huge difference in shaping your personality. Believe me, you can accomplish almost anything you want if you properly understand your personality and identify your hidden strengths. I divide my astrology reading into three parts: 1. Your centered personality. 2. Your hidden traits. 3. Your obstacles. All three parts are directly affected by your rising sun, your moon and your star sign. I will help you understand how to act/react in certain situations, which situations to avoid and how to communicate with certain people - all through astrology. The whole point of my astrology reading is that you feel that you learnt something, whether its about you or about someone you're interested in.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been using planet and star positions for the last decade to help people understand why they feel a certain way towards situations. I have many clients who were able to find their soulmates right after they understood what they were really looking for. I have also helped clients change career paths once they understood what their real passion was. No matter what the issue is, there is always an answer with Astrology.


I have been studying Natal Charts for the last 10 years. I am also Certified by Kasamba in Astrology Reading.