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I do Astrology readings based on Birth Charts & Zodiac signs. Your horoscope is a reflection of your past, present and your future. It helps decipher challenges & unravel mysteries hindering your progress. I prepare the finest all round guidance for your cosmic alignment. The Stars know it all and have incredible capability of revealing secrets of your life. Other Specialties  
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I do Astrology readings by studying your "Birth Chart" & "Horoscope" using the zodiac signs. Astrology is all about predicting the probability of events in the past, present and the future. I will prepare the charts and study the horoscope to find out your weekly and monthly horoscope. Your Birth chart is incredibly capable of revealing secrets such as; What your Neptune sign tells you about yourself. How you can find luck, What the Venus sign tells you about your relationships, Your cosmic love triangle, What kind of an Ex you are dealing with, When is the time to move on from your Ex, When will your Ex work on a relationship and various other factors of a relationship and its future. Most importantly, It’s important to understand all facets of the placement to find a partner who is a true fit for you.

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20 years experience Certified Spiritual Counselor Certified in Taromanc Certified in I-Ching Energy work Certified in Astrology & Telepathy Mystical promotions and predictions provided to thousands of clients in form of readings across the globe. Steps to follow during a reading Connect with open mind Allow your energies to surrender Don’t expect sugar coating Allow at least 5 to 7 minutes of reading to know your future and possible alterations to your cosmic field which can lead to success of both relationship and career. I have reached to a level if attunement and help you with endless possibilities to make things occur. I welcome you for an energy exchange for a life changing session.


Masters of Arts in Psychology