About My Services

Key skills

4th generation gifted clairvoyance

Over 18 years experiences of professional readings

Astrology, Horary, Tarot card, Numerology reader

16 chart reading in Vedic astrology

Vedic Chart, compatibility, business readings

Communicate with Angels and Spirit guides

Direct /straight Answer in readings

Negative energy sensor and cleanser

Psychic reading & Healing

Love, Affair, marriage issues

Relationship, extra marital love, distant love

Career, Financial, Promotion in job

Past life phobia & dreams interpretation

Motivation speaker

Experience & Qualifications

I am highly motivated, enthusiastic and organised individual. I am doing astrology readings since 1997.

I am doing readings on this kasamba.com since March 2008. I did satisfactory readings for more than 12000 clients at this kasamba.com website and have been achieved approx. 10600 reviews at my review wall.

I did free prayers for thousands of clients at this website kasamba.com/ liveperson.com.

I had / am learning and doing study in Vedic astrology, Vastu, Palmisty , Horary, Crystal healing, Gems/birth stones healing, Aura c healing, Psychic healing and reading, spirit connection, tarot cards on love, colours healing, numerology in my Guru asylum under guidance of many Indian guru since I was in my 9th year of age.

I am gifted and 4th generation expert in my family as my father, grandfather, great grandfather were also astrology and psychic healing experts.

My Request –

PLEASE HAVE YOUR QUESTIONS READY, and do keep in mind, I may have to ask questions to get a clear and fast answer for you. Please leave feedback when you have completed your session with me.


This psychic is like no other on this planet. Simply the absolute best... He has helped me in so many situations. Professional, personal, with my family and pets. He's so gifted. Client name Garnet 6nov2016

Indi is a wonderful advisor, I have been very lucky to be able to connect with him for a very long time now. He has helped me in all aspects of my life. Thank you so much Indi! God bless you – Janice 5nov2016

My precise reason for getting back to him tonight was to tell him how accurate was a prediction that he made to me several weeks ago. He was "right on the money." The prediction came true EXACTLY as he said it would. I thanked him very much, and I certainly do recommend him highly for the accuracy of his insight.

He feels so much now like a wise and objective adviser who is always there, someone I can turn to for objective good insight. And I mean, I do get good advice from his confident insight into my questions. People will appreciate his calm and thorough advice. I know that I do. Paul 20Oct2016

Thank you again and again as always .Everyone, please have a trust on Love Indi ..My closest relative a young girl who has been suffering from some disease for a year ,and we had no hope .I was so upset and hopeless .But,since I talked to Mr. Indi I have changed my mind. He said ,she will get a recovery ,will get well soon ,will get done a surgery ..Every time he was repeating the same.How many nights and days I came to him with no hope,crying ,but he calmed me down each time ,.Here you go ,finally, a couple days ago the girl had her surgery done ,and successfully .Unbelievable.He prediction came true .Even ,he told me exactly where she had a problem regarding her health . My family thanked him and we are happy .God Bless Him.I will never change him .He is my angel. He is a wonderful really God Gifted.I have been coming to him over a year ,and whatever he said came true I swear. I live with his insights.I ask him always the same question ,and he always patient and so caring supportive, nice,kind .His is the number one .I love him so much .Thank you so much Mr Indi Spiritual Divine 18Oct2016


Gold medal in Astrology, Honor of astrology, Jyotish shree in Astrology Jyotish siromani (Master in Astrology), Psychic, Intuitive, clairvoyant, empathy, healing & prospective medium ship, blessings of saint for my psychic ability