About My Services

I am a professional astrologer and spiritual advisor with more than 30 years' experience. I am proficient in astrology, tarot, numerology, feng shui, and many other mystery schools.

I have written and lectured extensively on the subject. My clients come from all over the world because I give them practical, honest insight, without all the cosmic mumbo jumbo... My readings emphasize free will and personal evolution, because I am far more interested in showing you how to utilize the planetary energies than I am in dazzling you with my psychic abilities. I believe that everybody has free will and should use it! The universe does not WANT us to blindly follow our "destinies" if there is a better way, a more loving way, a more prosperous way, or a more enlightened way! I believe that we DO have choices, and we CAN change our destinies. So I strive to give you honest, reliable and sincere information, and then show you how to use it.

I do not offer meditations, spells, or cleansings and will not ever try to "sell" you something that I feel has the potential for disempowering you. In fact, I will not try to sell you anything period. I do not consider myself a clairvoyant so if you're looking for someone who can "read your mind" I will refer you elsewhere. I will not read for you unless and until I feel I can help you. For that reason please do not ask me to "prove a connection.If you are a first time client with me, I ask that you have at least enough funds for a 7-10 minute session. It's possible our first session will take less time than that, but is unfair for both of us to expect a quality reading in 2-3 minutes. I will ask for your name and birthdate, and discuss your specific questions with you prior to beginning a session with you. If you're not comfortable providing birth information (or are unsure of it for the people you're asking about) I will likely refer you to another reader, as I always use planetary transits and progressions for timing. Afterwards, please consider leaving written feedback, based not only on future predictions but also on details related to the current and past scenarios, personalities, interactions, etc. This will help other clients when choosing an expert for themselves.

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Experience & Qualifications

30 years' study and 25 years' professional experience using astrology and tarot. Full-time professional counselor, psychic and astrologer. Writer, author, lecturer, teacher.

I am on Eastern Time Zone and also available by appointment.


DBT Specialist, Dual Diagnosis Specialist, Relationship Counselor, Social Worker; Member AFAN, NCGR, ISAR.