About My Services

I will help you with the analysis and interpretation of your unique birth chart. I will look into the transits and progressions to predict your future. I will identify the nature of the energies and patterns. I will guide your understanding of the dynamic of your birth chart, and the most likely range of expression for the most dominant energies. My goal in my readings is to help Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life, using Astrology. After you have a reading with me, you will leave with a powerful and profound experience.

Experience & Qualifications

I come from a lineage of gifted Psychics. I looked at the stars since childhood and my family spoke to me about the destiny is marked through the positions of the stars since the moment we are born. I have been studying Astrology as part of my personal interests and as part of my Psychic journey. Astrology has helped me to connect with other people around the world. What I love about Astrology is that is science you never end learning. I keep taking courses and classes, seminars, expos to expand my knowledge.


Certified Astrologer. Reiki Master I,II, III, Natural Healer. Certified Tarot Master Reader Certified Angel Tarot Reader Certified Life Coach Certified Angel Healer