Pandit Dakshinamoorthi

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Vedic Astrology



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About My Services

I am an astrological and remedial consultant based in Chennai. I am a Masters Degree holder in Psychology and have been conferred the title “Vidya Bachaspati” in astrology. I hail from a lineage of vedic and mantra-shastra scholars and am well trained in various branches of astrology and occult. I am a regular contributor of highly acclaimed articles on astrology in various astrological magazines besides being a leading contributor in various web based groups on astrology. I am a respected panel member in various websites on astrology. I firmly believe in positive application of astrology using remedies, attitude change, and sincere prayers to minimize the negative potential of a horoscope and maximize the positives. I have done seminal research on use of mantras and various classical works like Raamayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavatam, Devi Bhagavatam, etc. for remedial purposes to alter difficult situations in life. I firmly believe that though the astrologer might do his best to help the clients, the ultimate outcomes are in the Hands of God – the various remedies and suggestions being our humble efforts to alter fate to get the best possible outcomes. I have an impressive clientele base from all sections of the society across the globe and am universally acclaimed for the integrity of my approach, honesty of attitude, and punctuality of services. I am an honest astrologer, and if during the reading the charts do not reveal pertinent information due to any reason, I am frank about it and do not give "speculative" answers or guess-work views. If I have strong intuition about something and am predicting based on that, I do indicate that also clearly. Note: I usually consider 20% of the fee paid as fee for astrological consultation, and use the remaining 80% for performance of religious/ spiritual rituals for the client's welfare. This is done as daily Fire Worships/ Affirmations for welfare of my clients besides special chants/ spiritual austerities relevant to the client's query/ concerns.

Experience & Qualifications

I have professional experience of more than 14 years and my association with astrology dates back to more than 2 decades. Besides, I am an astro-researcher with highly acclaimed articles on the nuances of astrology published in various astrological magazines. I also contribute a lot in various web-based forums. My articles have been widely circulated with my permission by astro-enthusiasts in various other discussion forums also. I am totally sincere to this field and will give professional readings on a timely basis (I maintain high standards of integrity, confidentiality, punctuality in delivery of my services).


B.Sc. (Physics), M.A (Psychology), AGDCA (computers) Vidya Bachaspati (Astrology)