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Vedic Astrology



“Your path is illuminated by a roadmap of stars. I am here to guide you!” Feel the astrological experience through honest, supportive, helpful hands with an understanding soul and practicing mind; let us begin our journey.... Other Specialties  
About My Services

Have you been wondering if you were in the right Career, with the right person, or really pursuing your true purpose? You could find a few answers now. Let me explain what I could find for you. With my readings, you could learn what motivates you, find a career you love, motivate yourself financially, understand or find a great partner establish lasting relationships. Get an amazing view of your not too distant future. My advice would help you to determine which of your talents are most available to you, the goals that work best for you to achieve the life you have been thinking about lately. Before you hurry up and click "Contact Online" read the following suggestions to make your visit more successful. For a quick insight into your near future, you could click Contact Online right away! 1) Prefer to choose an email session it will be more valuable for you if you are in grave worries. 2) Please mention your birth details (date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth). 3) If you have no idea about your birth time then mention the accurate time when you are raising your question and place where you are. 4) Be precise in what would you like to know and achieve from your readings.

Experience & Qualifications

My experiences have built up over the last 20 years of my capabilities by enhancing my skills. My readings have helped numerous to discover their intuitive and enlightening secrets to success, beauty, love, and fame by being in right place at the right time. My readings are based on calculations and your birth chart. With constant association, I could guide you to your own true purpose, your positive assets, and the talents that define your life. Your strengths to achieve the life path you are meant to follow.


M.A. in astrology