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Your career is a major part of your life journey. It directly impacts your finances, your mental health and even your emotional health too. We will walk this journey together, and I will not stop until you succeed and feel satisfied. Other Specialties  
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Your career should not be "just a job", it should be the part of life that defines part of your success. Your career should not also be the thing that takes over your entire time, you need your pleasure time too, spending time with your loved ones, family, friends and yourself! I will help you identify the right path that will lead you to practical success, mental and emotional stability. Once you have the worry of your career behind your back, you will be surprised at how easy things can be. Feeling light and happy, knowing that you accomplished what needs to be done with regards to your career is like lifting a big burden off your chest. I will help you understand which career path is right for you based on your personality. I will use cards, birth charts and astrology manipulation to help you find the right path. If you have problems at work, I will help you understand why they happened. We will identify the root cause together. If it's a problem with your boss or your colleague, I will teach you how to deal with them based on the existing energy and based on the personalities around you. There is always an answer. There is always a solution. There is always room for improvement.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been counselling and guiding people through their career-life path and have witnessed great success stories. Many people that I spoke to were at rock bottom, we spoke, I identified blind-spots, energies and guided them to the right path. Witnessing great success stories really makes me proud.


I have a degree in counselling, in addition to 15 years of practical experience.