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Your career defines your future growth, your financial status and your mental health. I will help you find the right path in your career and will help you achieve your personal growth through it. Your career should not be "Just a Job" - It's your journey and we will walk this road together, till you succeed. Other Specialties  
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You are not just working. Your career represents a major part of your life. Let's be honest, most people spend time at work more than spending time at home with their families. I will guide you into your career to help you find the sweet spot to balance work and family. I will look at your personality, identify your blindspot, help you find your true passion and provide recommendations that are beneficial in real practical life. Whether you are worried about your present job or a future one, I will guide you to find the right path. You may think you are find at your current job, but you are not really happy (this is not ok!). You shoud be happy, I will help you find this happiness through my readings. Sometimes the right answer is there but sitting in a blindspot, I will help you see it. You may feel like you are stuck in a dead end with, searching for a job - but the phone is not ringing. I will tell you why and will give you the right steps to make that phone ring. I will also help you know your worth through your career path. Never settle for an income less than what you deserve, know your worth!

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20+ years of experience in helping people achieve their goals. Whether it's through resume tips, psychic readings, interview techniques or even regular work attitude guidance. I have helped many people get promotions, salary increments and find their dream jobs. Your career is not "Just a Job"


I have been doing career forecast readings for the last two decades.