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Career Forecasts



** NEW on Kasamba ** 26 years experience on career forecasts and advice, life purpose driven careers or whether to start a business and in what industry using tarot, psychic vision and experience. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Experienced and trained professional psychic tarot reader with clairvoyance skills helping people over 26 years. I have specialties in life coaching, life purpose, career and business, investment insight, finding your soulmate, relationships and spiritual guidance. I’m known for my uncanny accuracy, insight and strategies that get results. I’ve helped more than 2,000 people into careers and businesses they love and that fullfill their purpose in the past 4 years alone. I see market trends not just as a psychic but also as a researcher. This is important in any career reading as the impending automation revolution shrinks the job market and now industries birth totally different types of jobs and career paths. When considering a proper career path reading you want to set aside at least an hour so you get the depth of accuracy and clear path of action forward. Thank you for your consideration.. I hope we get to work together.

Experience & Qualifications

26 Years Professional Psychic, Tarot Card Reader Diploma, Business Owner, Career and Business Strategy Advisor For Over 20 Years, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Guide, International Psychic Experience, Speaker


BA-5 Arts