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I can help with life's most pressing questions concerning career and finances. If there is a fork in the road, I can help. Other Specialties  
About My Services

From a very young age, I began giving readings. I have over eighteen years experience reading tarot. I mastered the art of tarot reading to offer you guidance on your most challenging path. Whether your questions concern career, finances or something else I would love to help offer my guidance and assistance. Upon reading, all I ask is for you to be open to what I have to say. Sometimes, you may not like what I say, but understand that it was because you needed to hear it. Other times, you will receive a reading which may not make sense at first, but you will see it's relevance later on. Please be positive when consulting me for a reading, because it's very difficult connecting with those who are in a negative frame of mind. I cannot control what message I receive or what my intuition says to me about your situation. If you are ready for an honest and insightful reading, then let's begin! GOD BLESS

Experience & Qualifications

I have been reading over eighteen years. I feel I have the experience needed to help others on their path and given the number of satisfied customers and clients I have had I feel this would be a great opportunity to help even more people with my gift.


There are no degrees required for this field, but I do have a bachelors degree, major not specified