About My Services

When it comes to come across career issues, It often happens that you are too afraid to start a conflict with others and you end up starting one with yourself, a conflict that tears and leads to losing the right path. Tarot cards are a very powerful tool, full of ancient symbols and meanings, they can give a great contribution in the knowledge of ourselves, of others, of specific situations and allows us to deepen every aspect of existence that we feel the need to investigate. Tarot cards will help you to understand what needs to be changed in your career in order to make the right decisions and to have a clear perspective about what doesn't allow you to improve.

Experience & Qualifications

I discovered my natural gift when I was 12 and I soon realized that I could help other people. I was lucky enough to meet a gypsy tarologist who became my mentor and accompanied me in discovering this valuable tool and who taught me that coincidences do not exist. I worked as a reader for some important platforms during the last 6 years and at the same time I never stopped studying tarot. I'm currently working on the origins of the Tarot Cards and I'm working on the creation of a deck card soon to be published!


I graduated in art and theater and I attended several tarot readings courses. Thanks to my passion and the deep artistic studies I could connect my natural gift with an academic process and develop a study and a deep interest in the iconology of the tarot, their history and their role in the life of the human being.