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Wondering about your careers' potential, gifts, and challenges? Understanding the dynamics between our soul intention, our current learning curves, and those around us allows us to navigate more happily. Learn about your career and potential experiences for intended future careers too. Take your own steering wheel with clarity. Other Specialties  
About My Services

My name is Laurie Christy. I love to support and help people who have good motives. In fact, I will only assist people with honest, caring, positive motives. Due to my counseling background and telepathic gifts, using tarot I offer clarity on your situation with your life and others so you can make happy choices and fulfilling creations. Life is not a destiny waiting for you. It is you learning about yourself so that you can generate a wonderful life!

Experience & Qualifications

Decades as a counselor informs my style and ability to offer you clarity from many angles. However, I work solely as a reader on this site. No therapy is available here. My clientele comes from all over the world so I honor and respect people from vast benevolent backgrounds from east to west, all political parties, all spiritual and religious paths. People feel understood and cherished by me for their uniqueness.


PhD Expressive Psychology M.A. Expressive Art/Drama/Dance/Writing Therapies B.A.. Community Studies AA. Modern Dance and Literature/ Creative Writing Certified Hypnotherapist/EMDR