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** NEW on Kasamba ** I will guide you through your career choices and help you to make the right choices that will lead you to prosperity. Other Specialties  
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Are you in the right career? Having trouble finding your dream job? Are office politics frustrating you? I will help guide you towards the best career choices you can make based on your happiness, skills and talents. Whats is in store for your career? Lets chat!

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For over 25 years i have been guiding clients as a Professional Psychic, Astrologer and Tarot Reader towards the best choices they can make for their lives and careers. When it comes to work it is best to understand your talents and skills and then go from there. I have helped clients climb the corporate ladder, start new businesses and simply find work in times of desperation. As the former manager of one of the oldest Tearooms in the USA, I know what hiring managers and administrators are looking for and can help guide you in finding a career that will fit your needs and wishes.


Certified Tarot Professional and Astrologer