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Career Forecasts



** NEW on Kasamba ** Hi! I'm extremely passionate about helping people find their correct career path, whether you are enquiring about your current career or looking to change your career or even wandering about what your career should be (?) I can help you get a clear understanding and a clear picture so you can move forward with a lot more confidence :) Other Specialties  
About My Services

I believe we all have a calling and that calling should be in alignment with our career choice. We all have a purpose and a destiny for our careers, if you are searching for a more rewarding career or want to get more out of your work life, it is a sign your soul is nudging you to consider other opportunities (which are ideas you possibly already have that are trying to get your attention!!!) Alternatively, you might already know your career path but you are struggling with different people at your work place and those energies are getting in the way with how you operate. This is all part of our higher calling towards becoming a leader and isn't anything to be frightened of. My services will help you get clarity about these areas of conflict so you can shine at your work place like you are meant to! My aim is to give every client a highly accurate reading that sheds light on the choices and decisions that are in alignment with your highest good.

Experience & Qualifications

I have valuable experience working with clients when it comes to career forecasts. I have helped hundreds of clients with extremely complicated and messy work relationships along with business deals that have gone wrong. I have also given advice, support and insight to hundreds of clients who desperately want to bring about change in their job or career or just have no idea where to start. It has been extremely rewarding to hear that I have helped hundreds of clients make important decisions where there has been positive and significant change.


2018 HONOURS ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Honours degree in performing arts and psychoanalysis. The thesis I wrote specialized in Carl Jung’s shadow theory and the spiritual exploration of the male and female psyche through performance and theory. 2016 BACHELOR OF ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Coursework included English, Drama, Australian Indigenous studies, Shamanism and various spiritual studies such as Chinese animal symbols, Japanese Kabuki and Noh theatre and Greek mythology through performance and theory. 2007 CERTIFICATE III IN FITNESS AND HEALTH, FITNESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA This course taught the ins-and-outs of exercise instruction and programming, while studying anatomy, physiology, and healthy, nutritional guidelines. Importantly, this training taught the significance of mentoring, counselling and support while clients enter mental and physical challenges during intense fitness and health transformations.