About My Services

Have you been looking for answers and haven't found them?

Or given false hope and still waiting for what a Psychic has told you to come to pass?

I am glad you are reading this because you have come to the right place for the most down to earth and honest reading you will ever get.

Many of you out there think when you ask a psychic a question we click our fingers and a spirit or loved one comes in and answers us. Not so...You have choice regardless of what is said by a psychic...If you make a different choice or have no idea of what you want...or keep changing your mind about your decisions this can alter your reading...Your spirit guides that I work with never tell you what you should do. This is your journey and it comes with the bumps of life. That said:

I don't believe in telling you things I sense you may want to hear, because they would not come to pass and I am not the candy giver

I have been successful in the many years I have been reading for people and it isn't very often that a caller/client is not satisfied with their reading. If they are it is usually because they have heard something they are not ready to hear or had such a limited reading with me that I have not been able to finish what I was saying and they have assumed the end of the reading. Also Im not a mind reader...If you decide to change your mind about anything after your reading that is different than you first intended then...your outcomes are also likely to change A reading can not be done in 3 minutes

A good reading with me depending on what you are asking take between 10 and 40 minutes

If I don't have a connection with you I won't go on and on wasting your money with a whole lot of inaccurate rubbish. I will tell you that I am not picking up anything usually with in the first 3 minutes of you calling.

Please if I ask you a question don't think I am digging for answers. I usually ask when something is hazy to me so I can make sure I am on the right track. I am not given your answers in running conversations that are clear and precise...or in little movie clips that show me exactly what is happening with you or anyone else you may inquire about...I get symbols...words...short cryptic type messages and occasionally a glimpse of faces, places and names of which I have to build your reading from.

I don't claim to be 100% accurate..No one ever is..If they were they would have the most wonderful life and so would everyone else around them.. when it comes to Psychic Readings & more when I use Numerology/Astrology and the Tarot because these methods are more about the soul of the person and timing with the tarot and your birth numbers I have found in the many years I have been doing this work to be about >b>

I love working on line helping all of you with your decisions and direction, giving you some clarity and different perspectives to look at.

I very much appreciate that you would be kind enough to leave a rating after every session with me as these not only help others when they are looking for someone who can help them but also helps me to know how I am performing for you. Love and Light from the SOUL

Experience & Qualifications

I have a gift of a sixth sense about things and have also trained using numerology I have Diploma in Counseling and am also 2nd attuned Reiki Healer which uses the energies of the healer and the client to heal the ailment. I also have an excellent understanding of the tarot but like anything although I have experienced its accuracy at times it is only a man created tool. I have been reading for others for neally 2 decades and professionally for 10 years.


2nd Attuned Reiki Healer. Excellent understanding of the Tarot and a Teacher of Tarot and all other Psychic Development. New Zealand Diploma in Counselling and have had a Psychic Gift from a child