About My Services

I will help you solving current issues at work, business and career. With your name and day of birth we will look at the current situations, future outcomes and what career path is the best for your happiness. I use tools like Tarot Readings, Clairvoyance, Empathy in conjunction with your angels and guides to achieve the best Career Forecast for you. Career could be a way of developing our souls if it is focus in the right direction. Work should be a place where we enjoy being. Promotions, change of careers paths, Opportunities that need to be considered closely, are my expertise and my passion. Energies not working well at work or business, I will help you finding the reason why you feel so drained going to work. You will leave with a feeling of empowerment and in control of your life.

Experience & Qualifications

Natural born 4th generation Psychic. I have studied many disciplines from Cartomancy since childhood till Life Coaching. I have helped thousands of people around the world with their Career and Business concerns. I have worked with the Business owner, students, Stay at home moms. There is not concern too big or too small for me. I will help you and guide you with honor and respect. My Career readings are always done with passion and humbling. I guided many clients to achieve their best career due to their personality, likes, dislikes, and expectations in their lives. I also have helped many people to choose the right time to open a new business, expanding goals in career and money.


Certified Tarot Master Reader Reiki Master Practitioner II, II, III Angelic Real Tarot Reader Certified Life Coach