About My Services

I am happy to offer tarot and oracle readings to you for your career or business. I have been reading tarot for 12 years now and am practiced with several different decks. With just your first name and current career position I can take a look into how things are going and what is likely to follow on current path. I recommend to all clients to use Law of Attraction to attract greater opportunities and success along their path forward as tarot will show you more of what you are attracting now. I would be happy to help in offering direction as well.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been practicing the art of tarot for 12 years now and professionally for 3. I constantly improve my skill by reading not only for others but also myself and learning new material. I am constantly absorbing new material from books, courses, and personal study to improve my skills. I have been an energy worker and intuitive channel for most of my life and am happy to help. Please come to me with an open mind so I may best connect to your energy.


Usui Reiki Master and Teacher