About My Services

I have more than 25 years of experience in dream analysis. This is one of the most complex yet most noble readings you will get. I want you to be honest with me, tell me everything you saw. Even if you think it's not an important detail. Believe me! it's important. Your dream will carry a moral value and a hidden message, I will help you understand why this dream occurred at this specific time in your life. will help you decipher the hidden message in this dream and will tell you what your subconscious is trying to tell you through this dream When you have a dream, you see things, people, colors, living things - they all have generic meanings, but what is the specific meaning that is directly related to you? Why you? and why now? There is no "one explanation fits all" here, your dream is specific to you, your life events, your birth chart, your palm line. Everything is directly related to you. Important note: It goes without saying of course, all the information you share with me is confidential. I have zero judgement and I am here to reveal the truth to you Important Note: Your dream may deliver good or bad news. I can't control what you dream, but I will be transparent and honest with you. No sugarcoating and no judgement.

Experience & Qualifications

This is a whole different world that will reveal answers to questions you didn't even have. I remember in 2014, I told someone that she was going to get a new job. She laughed and said "I wish this was true, but I have been unemployed for the last 4 years and I gave up". 12 weeks later, she contacted me and said she was headhunted for a job that was too good to be true! Guess what? She got the job before the end of 2014. Your dream is powerful and your subconscious is talking to you.


Officially Certified by Kasamba in Dream Analysis. In addition, I have more than 25 years of experience