About My Services

I am an Intuitive empathic Psychic healer, I use my psychic metaphysical skills to tap into your soul and this allows me to help you on your life journey. I show you your internal Truth that ultimately will free you to find your higher purpose. Your Free will is to live in your full spectrum infinite Conscious being, you are able to connect to your heart and experience an optimized life free of interference and control, in life, love and prosperity. Sacred knowledge is sacred because it is organic and comes from within you. Knowledge removes fears of the unknown, self-doubt and all manner of emotional discordance from our existence. You are a cosmic reflection of the Source; connect with your true potential and experience life in true self-empowerment!

Experience & Qualifications

I am a natural, intuitive empathic psychic healer for almost my entire life. I have actively been healing of people for over 16 years. I help people from all walks of life in all kinds of emotional and psychic life situations. Qualifications Each reading is unique to you: Help you choose directions in a new life path. Removing life blocks your life progress. Resolve relationship issues. Guidance to find the love you are looking for Overcome insecurities, fear and self-doubt Make important life and career choices Pet death and closure, animal shamanism Dreams and interpretation Clear and release old emotional blocks and progress forward Post Emotional and Ritual abuse release and clearing Shamanic Intuitive Readings: Resolve issues with your ancestors and past life clearing Discover who your guides are Build your spiritual practice Heal your heart Clearing of Old Beliefs Closure of Deep Soul trauma Remote Clearing of Property Remote Healing Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings Spiritual Healing


Microsoft Technology certification , certification in Emotional Frequency Technique