De Marseilles

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Dream Analysis



Dream Interpretation is a psychoanalytic technique.Your dreams have the power to manifest reality. The places, signs, objects and events signify a deeper meaning to occuring events in life. Lets interpret the element of your dreams for memory consolidation, emotional regulation and reception of external stimuli for a narrative of life events. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I have 20 years of incredible knowledge and experience in different modalities of clairvoyance. I do psychic readings remotely with the help of Spirit guides, Arch Angels, Guardian Angels, Sprit Animals, Ascended Masters. We will go through the details of your dreams such as images, signs, events and numbers you see in your dream to determine its true meaning and relevance in your real life.

Experience & Qualifications

20 years experience Certified Spiritual Counselor Certified in Taromanc Certified in I-Ching Energy work Certified in Astrology & Telepathy Mystical promotions and predictions provided to thousands of clients in form of readings across the globe. Steps to follow during a reading Connect with open mind Allow your energies to surrender Don’t expect sugar coating Allow at least 5 to 7 minutes of reading to know your future and possible alterations to your cosmic field which can lead to success of both relationship and career. I have reached to a level if attunement and help you with endless possibilities to make things occur. I welcome you for an energy exchange for a life changing session.


Masters of Arts in Psychology