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Dream Analysis



** NEW on Kasamba ** I use dream analysis, tarot and clairvoyance to get accuracy in what your dreams are communicating to you. Also any messaged from spirit guides through symbol interpretation. Other Specialties  
About My Services

26 years of experience as a psychic tarot reader and training in tarot, dream analysis, spiritual guidance and life purpose. I knew I had psychic abilities when I was 8 and had a week where are series of premonition dreams occurred. As each of my premonition dreams came true over a decade and other dreams just taught me about my daily life, I naturally learned that some dreams are warning you about events while others are working out emotions and others yet are spirit communicating learnings and callings to you. In my 20's I dived deeper into dream analysis study and took some courses to become more structured with dream analysis. In a reading I will also use the Voyager Tarot Deck as I find it the perfect companion for psychic abilities to be sharpened when coming to any dream symbol or analysis of the dream itself. In this way we can get a much more accurate read. I’ve helped navigate people from all walks of life and cultures in many different areas. I believe that it is important to first identify whether a dream is a premonition, healing, lesson or calling dream. Perhaps a combination of both. So we have the right perspective when we go into the analysis. I think dream analysis is a great tool of communication from your Soul and about your life. I've been doing my own dream analysis every day of my waking life that I have had a dream, to help me navigate troubled times, and guide me to a great life. Thank you for your consideration.. I hope we get to work together.

Experience & Qualifications

26 Years Professional Psychic, Tarot Card Reader Diploma, Business Owner, Career and Business Strategy Advisor For Over 20 Years, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Guide, International Psychic Experience, Speaker


BA-5 Arts