About My Services

I believe that having a personal psychic on your side can only enhance your life. Knowledge is power. I can fill in the blanks of the areas you cannot see. Dreams are a big part of that "cannot see" part for most people. I strive to help every client tap into their own personal power so that they can take control of their lives and spirit.

With that being said, I offer you the opportunity to come into my chat room with your dreams. The more details you can give me, the better we can interpret them together. I know that dreams are often confusing, eerie or sometimes just downright frustrating. We can figure it out together.

My clients range from presidents of major corporations to homemakers. My "down home southern" style puts everyone at ease and my manner and reading style are more conversational than "mystic". I am brutally honest, yet try to be very giving, caring and supportive. If you really don’t want to hear the truth, please don’t come talk to me.

If you come to me for a reading, you would want me to be honest with you, right? Well, I in turn ask you be honest with me, and more importantly, yourself. So, together, let's get to the heart of the matters that affect you and your world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to contact me to schedule a reading, feel free to do so.

Email readings only available to clients that I have already spoken with in LIVE CHAT.

If The Universe gives you instructions about your situation or a chore list in your reading, and you don't follow or do any of it, please don't come back and blame me OR God. It's your fault if you don't listen to instructions.

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked as a professional psychic since the early 90s. I am known world wide and am also a published author in a magazine relating to spiritual matters. I am also an Ordained Minister.


Certified by the Tarot Certification Board

Certified Reiki Master