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Being a psychic medium, spiritual healer and certified psychotherapist - my dream analysis, assures a comprehensive and accurate interpretation of your dream
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Image Hosting by Picoodle.com Some dreams come from the sub-conscious, triggered by a present situation, and others can be intuitive telling about a oncoming event, a warning, a special message from guides or deceased people.
The messages and symbols in dreams are very personal.
For example - in the case of sub-conscious dreams: one may dream of the sea and feel wonderful (warm memories from childhood or vacation) whereas another will wake up in terror (memory of a time one has almost drowned).
In either case, dreams are very important and should be understood and benefited from them.

Being a certified psychotherapist together with my abilities as a psychic medium, enables me to help you understand your dreams, their meaning and messages.

Experience & Qualifications

My experience is over 25 years long, including personal sessions and support group leader.
I am the author of a book called: "To Heal a Wounded Heart" (not in English yet).
In my country I was a guest on various TV shows and on the radio, and many articles about my abilities appeared in newspapers and magazines.


Certified psychotherapist, Psychic Medium, Master Tarot Card Reader, healer, Color Therapist, Palm-Therapist and Certified teacher.