Psychic Satire

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Dream Analysis



Repetitive dreams- Dreams that bother you. Dreams are not just your sub conscious brain's reflection. They are messages from the divine. They are messages from your past life, your guides and at times a medium for your love ones to reach you. I will read your dreams. Other Specialties  
About My Services

The realization of my abilities in my early teens helped me empower these intuitions into a new direction of spirituality. I learned the best possible way to articulate these visions and experiences to the better understanding of my clients. When I channel with my clients through their guides and my guides, it all appears like I am seeing all the puzzles of your life right in front of my eyes. My angelic realms not only helps me focus on the roots of the problem but also help me discover the answers to your situation. I may go to any length to find these solutions for you however I will be able to provide you guidance considering the circumstances in your life. Its ok to disagree with my guidance because at times I may sound very cliché. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Experience & Qualifications

With all my passion, mediumship and empathy I was able to help clients with their bereavement and helped them connect with their dear one's souls. I have dealt with paranormal occurrences at my client's property. Used mediums to connect with past life experiences and reincarnation purposes of the souls who wander restlessly. Experiences the pain of heart broken souls and gave them solace with divine insights to their journey. Have tried to be tremendously clear in delivery of what the future holds ahead.


AS level, Level 3 course in Psychology and social behaviour.