About My Services

Dreams have a different meaning to each person. Each dream is filled with symbols, stories and feelings.

A dream is often about something other than it's obvious meaning. Physical events in the dream commonly represent mental or emotional matters. It's hard to understand our dreams because we are so close to them.

I would love to help you interpret and analyze your dreams with you from a third person perspective. Send me as much information as you can remember, including numbers, colors and even shapes. I will help you bring the deep meanings to the surface.

Experience & Qualifications

I have spent several years studying Astrology, Dreams and the Night Sky.I have studied palmistry, astrology, tarot, herbology, Animal Communication, Mediumship and have dabbled a bit in Numerology. I am an Empath, Energy Worker and Clairvoyant.


I have studied dreams and their meanings for years now. I often interpret the dreams of friends and family and they have shown to be true.

I am also very intuitive, empathetic and clairvoyant. This means that I may see things with my Third Eye during our session. If I see a vision that pertains to you and your question or dream, I will tell you of it and it will aid in our session.