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Dream Analysis



** NEW on Kasamba ** Are you having strange or reoccurring dreams? I am a certified dream analyst and I can break down and interpret what your unconscious is trying to tell you. Other Specialties  
About My Services
When I interpret your dreams I will help you understand what your unconscious is trying to tell you. Dreams can be powerful messengers if you break them down into their settings, elements and people you interact with in them. What have you been dreaming about? Let's chat.

Experience & Qualifications

I was initiated by Lady June of the Temple of Nine Wells, (Salem MA) 1996 It was Lady June who taught me about dreams and how to break them down and interpret them. Since then I have been helping clients understand what these sometimes simple, sometimes complex messages mean. Many times dreams will reoccur, and those dreams need you to pay special attention to them. It usually ends up being a key lesson in life that will keep repeating until you have consciously faced it.


Certified Dream Analyst