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** NEW on Kasamba ** Dreams are beautiful and a part of human existence. Sometimes our dreams are out there, and far-fetched, other times they can be fear based or gruesome and distraught. Some of us dream the same dream over and over. Others do not remember their dreams. Dreams are important, and we need to dream. They come from our subconscious and there's much to learn if we analyze them correctly. Other Specialties  
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Dreams force us to see things that we do not want to deal with, or they can help us remember something we do not remember when we are awake. Dreams have many meanings, and the ones that leave us baffled during our day, have the most prophetic meanings. Dreams are our tools to understanding our waking journey through life. They are our road map, our treasure chests of discovery and opportunities. Through dream analysis, I will be able to uncover the mysteries in your life through understanding the meaning behind your dreams. Are you ready to uncover the mystery of your dreams?

Experience & Qualifications

My experience in spirituality; Reiki Healing, and Tarot Readings, allows me to understand dreams on another level. I have always had prophetic, psychic dreams that allowed me to understand my past, present and future in my waking hours. With the combination of my Astrology expertise and my specialization in Cognitive support, I can really combine this knowledge and aid you in understanding the psychology behind every dream you have.


Reiki Certified Second Degree, Certified Cognitive Support Specialist, Bachelors of Science Food Science and Nutrition, Registered Holistic Nutritionist