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"I am truly blown away..she was easy to talk to..helped me understand my dream..also able to tell me about a lot of other things aside from the dream." Other Specialties  
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Review by User_mxnxuuon May 13 2012 "I am truly blown away. Her personality is pleasant, and she is easy to talk to. After saying hi and how are you she said 'ah...dream interpretation..." And the only thing I could think was how did you know that? I never even said my name or hinted at what I wanted. I told her about my dream and she said she could help me,she got started on what she picked up on, and helped me understand my dream. She was also able to tell me about alot of other things, aside from the dream, that resonated with me. She gave some suggestions/advice too. She connects fast, types fast, and talks in a way that you understand--no fluff. It was an awesome experience."

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I have the skills and ability! I can analyse your dream and uncover its hidden meaning. As long as your mind isnt already made up as to the meaning of your dream you will find my insight very revealing ;-)

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