Seer Magdalena

Specializing in: 

Dream Analysis



Let me help you find the meaning of your dreams and what messages the Universe is trying to send to you. Even the smallest detail in a dream can have a significant meaning. Lets find the meaning to yours. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am naturally gifted, I have a background in psychology, and I am LGBTQ friendly. My goal and focus is providing you with a straight, honest reading while focusing on spiritual and mental wellness. With your name and birthdate (and the name and birthdate of your partner if needed). I can connect and guide you in your present and future life paths. I can guide you and help you close doors to the past and enter new beginnings. Matters of the heart are often difficult and I can give insight on what is to come and what the next steps that are needed to be made. Sometimes we can be unsure of our true life paths and I can help you find your true calling. I am intuitive and empathetic in nature, and will give you an in-depth truthful reading as long as you are open to connecting. I understand that at times there are things that we do not want to come to terms with but need to so that we may heal and become whole. I can help you find that needed closure and move forward. I offer guidance on various topics such as love/relationships, infidelity, career/money and healing. Sometimes we need an outside source who can see what is to come of a situation. Let me assist you on current life issues and what is to come in your future

Experience & Qualifications

My experience started at a very early age, as a child, I started having visions and being able to see aspects of the future. As I grew older I started to fine tune my gift. Starting at the age of thirteen I started reading professionally for other people. I have been professionally reading for people for nearly twenty years.