About My Services

Do you understand exactly how powerful and important your dreams can be? Did you know that there are eight different types/categories of dreams? If you have had a repetitive dream or dream theme; or just a dream that left you confused, wondering or even shaken, then it is time to ask the meaning of that dream! Using my amazing powers of telepathy, I will tap in and ask for Divine Assistance in interpreting your dream(s) and their meanings! Together, we will figure out the messages that they are bringing forth from your unconscious mind: Important messages for you to know and understand about your life! I have many, many natural 6th sensory divinely given gifts to use in assisting you and I also have successfully served as a health education intuitive; clairvoyant; animal communicator and much more. Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not provided via an exact science-based source of information; nor are they intended to provide and do not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. Information given in the reading should also not replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition.

Experience & Qualifications

Yes, years ago, Divine Heart and Mind/God via Holy Spirit telepathically provided me the meanings of the eight different types of dreams. I even did a Blog Talk Radio show on the topic a few years ago. On that show, my co-host and I discussed and pondered, what your dreams mean via the eight true categories of dreams. We courageously dived into the subconscious world of dreams. On that show, we analyzed those night time visitors that gently or roughly invade our mind and body with stories and visions that go beyond our everyday life; with a twist of surreal wonder or fear. I am a published author; talk-radio show host, workshop/retreat facilitator and has received formal training or is certified in many alternative health-centered modalities which include foot and hand reflexology, therapeutic aromatherapy, herbology, flower essences therapy, quantum touch energetic healing


B.A. in Psychology; an M.S. in Education of The Gifted and is certified in crisis-intervention counseling.