About My Services

Aaah... Welcome dear one. Tell me your concerns and your goals. Allow me to give you environmental guidance for the nine areas of your living space. Allow me to guide you to create more abundance in your life challenged areas. Allow me to guide you into having more balance and harmony in your life. Let me know in what areas of your life you are experiencing challenges. Allow me to guide you to create balance and harmony in those areas of your living space, so that you can have more balance, harmony, and abundance in those areas of your life. Please contact me. I am eager to be of service to you. Allow me to guide you to your abundance. Allow me to guide you and empower you so that you can embrace all of the abundance lining up for you. You are a blessed being. If you are stuck in a repetitive pattern allow me to give you the direction and the key to opening the door to a happy, abundant, fun filled life. You are precious! You are blessed! Contact me! Let's get you going toward more, more, and more abundant living. Your success is my joy! Peace and Blessings! Let's chat! GuideDeenia

Experience & Qualifications

I have an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences. My journey in life so far includes consultant work, film work, television work, music work, art work, 12 step work, and The Work. My introduction to the Divine started with religious school and church. More recently I have enhanced my Divine connection with the study and practice of Science of Mind, Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, & Meditation. I live with a feral feline and I manage a feral cat colony. I am an ethical vegetarian.


Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences