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Every home has a soul. It has it's own energy, personality, past, and agenda. I will help you reclaim your personal space and let go of things that are draining your energy and cluttering your home. Always be mindful of the feel of your home and how its energy influences your well-being! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Is there something not quite right about your home? Maybe as soon as you moved in, your health, finances, or relationships suddenly changed. Or maybe you are having trouble selling your home? Is there something off, but you're not exactly sure what it is?

I offer a holistic approach towards our living spaces and believe that our homes and home offices are an invaluable component to holistic living. I value living and working spaces the same as I value a client coming to me for for energy work.

After all, our home is a living body that needs to breathe, circulate, and be in harmony with its environment. I am able to pinpoint and identify energy blockages within your home just as I am able to with the chakras within one’s energy field.

Our homes and home offices are integral to where we are in our lives. And just as I can easily read the energy of people, I can intuitively read one’s home and how it relates to where you are on your life path, along with changes you may want to make.

Topics covered in a Feng Shui Consultation (depending on objectives) can include:

- A Bagua Map overlay of your floor plan with suggestions for enhancements and remedies with regards to your overall objectives.

- What the soul of your home needs or is seeking, along with any pertinent history that needs to be cleared.

- Akashic Record reading of the property.

Feng Shui Energy Clearing suggestions for your home and/or property.

Suggestions on furniture arrangement AND clutter clearing, if applicable.

Numerology of your home and how to use the power of your home's own energy to support you.

Feng Shui analysis of Missing Corners, if applicable, and how to remedy.

An Action List that you can use to start taking action immediately!

Experience & Qualifications

20+ years Professional Feng Shui Consultations (Geomancy), Chromotherapy, Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki Master; Level I, II and III, Quantum Touch Healing, Kinesiologist with Crystal Healing Specialties


We are all drawn to spaces for a reason. But like a relationship, it sometimes takes time to get to know one another. Just like with people, it takes longer with some than with others. And like relationships, we are brought to one another to heal each other.

Homes often seek out those who can help heal them. This often shows up when it comes time to sell the home. I can help you understand your home on a whole new level. I can help clear away any past blueprints that may be negatively affecting you while living there.

In reading your home, I will connect with the soul of the home. Based on what is currently challenging you, I will tell you how to remove the energy blocks in your home that may be getting in your way. I will also advise on ways to enhance those areas in which you seek to flourish and expand.