About My Services

My name is Amber, I am here offering you my services as a Psychic Advisor and hoping to help you with the guidance and insight of spirit.
I have many years of experience working with clients who are investors, builders, sole traders and start up entrepreneurs. I can help you identify key markets and the best places and people to work with.
I am able to connect with, and channel the energy of others and spirit.  I am given predictive visions, which I will share with you to provide you with the insight you are looking for. I am able to anticipate what will happen next, answer specific questions and provide detail for you about the situations you enquire of.

- I am in Australia. I am available Monday - Saturday. You are welcome to contact me to make appointments if you have difficulty finding me online.

- During the beginning of a session, before I type anything and the timer starts, I am tuning into your energy. I will read everything you write, so please feel free to ask your questions. Please be aware that as soon as I start to type the session will commence charging, that is why I take a moment to make sure I'm connected before I begin typing.

- Please feel free to email me before you come into a session with me. Time goes quickly and I completely appreciate and understand if you'd like to cover off the groundwork in an email first... Whether we already have a good relationship and you have a lot to tell me, or if you are a new client and want to make sure you convey your question or concern, I'm always happy to hear from you.

- Your follow up questions are always welcome too. I will answer all your emails and your questions, providing they are relevant to our session, and not a brand new topic, within a day or two. Please be aware that I have 3 children and unfortunately at times - school holidays, and sick little ones at home, I do fall a bit behind.

Experience & Qualifications

Experienced and dedicated Psychic Advisor.

I have spent many years providing readings, passing on messages from spirit and helping others to develop their own intuitive abilities.


I am here to help you find peace and strength through connecting to and being guided by spirit.
Through spiritual awareness and self acceptance we are able to tap into our higher consciousness and connect with our sense of being one with the universe.