About My Services

I was grown up under the lap of the Himalayas with the bliss of beautiful mountains and scenic environment which has always intrigued me towards the law of nature. Since I was a child, I was extremely intuitive and had psychic abilities especially in prediction and empaths. I took this ability of mine as very lightly until I was 10 years old by which time, I have learnt Palm readings and Vedic Numerology. The peace and vibes that I used to get whenever I gave insights and empaths to other people made me realise the essence of my energy. I learnt about Tarot right after I felt that I need to enhance this ability and help my clients to get peace and prosperous life. Until now, I have served thousands of people with my psychic and intuitive abilities. I connect with the energy through the Date of Birth of my client in most cases. The truth should be told as it is thus, I am straight forward to your question because I know what you are looking for in readings. My readings are far away from sugar-coating because one has to ultimately face that truth so why not be prepared earlier if you are pre-informed about it. Life can't always be joyful and full of prosperity. Love, deception, and reconnection are important phases of human life that can be extremely painful if emotions are not handled cautiously. Thus keeping this in mind, I am happy to help those broken souls, depressed and frustrated people to explore new hopes in their life. I will tell you up to the extreme point I am connected to. Results may not be always pleasing in such cases but I would help you to overcome such issues understandable manner. I promise that even you reach me with empty-headed, full of stress, I am going to give such information which was away from the sight of yours. I assure you that this reading with me is definitely going to put significant efforts to change your life from this phase of desolate.

Experience & Qualifications

I have 10 Years of experience in Vedic Numerology which is pretty much scientific and numerological. Apart from that, I am a certified Tarot card reader for 8 years. I have taken ample Tarot training which has definitely boosted my knowledge of Tarot. Being a disciple of Psychology and Law, I have attended so much Psychology training that has developed my extra skills for Psychic readings which I have been doing since 8 years formally. Apart from that, I have been practising crystal ball readings for 3 years.


Bachelor in Psychology and Diploma in Biology and Numerology.