About My Services

I will give you REAL insights and FACTS about what is happening with your soulmate. I will get in their mind and tell you their feelings and intentions. I will tell you what the future holds for you and them and how you can maximize your desires.

I will help you get deep insights about your finances and know where things are really headed. Will you still have a job? Will you get through this financial melt down? What is coming next for you. Find out before making another step.

Experience & Qualifications

I’ve been gifted with the ability to read people, their minds, thoughts and their emotions. So if you wanted to know why someone is acting, doing or thinking the way that they are, you’ve come to the right place!

My readings are in depth, compassionate, honest and quite intense. I don’t offer fluff, grandiose story lines and I don’t make things up as I go along. I cover the past, present and future. I will tell you what to expect, how to maximize your gains and get what you want.

I will ask your names and DOBS. Get a timeline as to when you last had contact with that person. Whatever you want to share after that is option. Keep in mind that you more that you share, the easier it is for me to make a connection and get additional information for you. IT IS up to you though. If you want to spend more time with me focusing on things I can do that too. It just takes a little longer and the session will be longer, resulting in a higher final fee for you.

I will tell you the truth. I won’t lie to you or tell you that there is a future here when there really isn't. So you can rest assured that I will be honest with you.

My abilities have evolved to the point where my own personal feelings, experiences and judgments don’t come into play when I receive receive for you. So you never have to worry about your reading being tainted by my personal opinions, ideals or religious beliefs as can be the case with some. I’m very impartial. So I’m very detached when doing a reading. Nothing you tell me will shock me, scare me or surprise me. I’ve heard it all before and then some.

I’ve been reading and involved in spirituality in many different levels, and belief systems since I was very young. I’ve was also born gifted and come from a long line of readers and spiritual workers. So you can rest easy in knowing that what you will get is a genuine psychic experience in every sense of the word.


B.A. Metaphysics