Queen of Cosmos

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Financial Outlook


Are you confused how coming months look for you in terms of your finances ... or need advice and guidance about your financial and career aspect ahead. I can really guide with the help of my intuitive ability and life coaching skills Other Specialties  
About My Services

My philosophy is simple, I wants to see people around happy and in peace with their journey and leading amazing life and that has been my driving force.. I am able to forsee events before they happens hence able to warn you and guide you shift the energies . if you have questions regarding job , career , relocation , financial outlook I am able to tap into the same and tell you what I see. I use tarot , numerology , angel and spirit guides to read and give you predictions

Experience & Qualifications

I have done several thousand readings for my client. I have been a guide and counselor for few companies for their merger and sell and I have helped people to switch from job to follow their dreams and helping and guiding them in their entrepreneur journey.


Professional Tarot Course, Diploma in Numerology