About My Services

My name is Jocelyn, whether in chat phone or thru email I offer you an individual reading experience that can help you change your life.

Although I have a Psychic sense that has been with me for as long as I can remember, my main tools is to have the point readings are Numerology and the Tarot.

Our birth numbers are the blue print of who we are. Your name is no accident and can reveal so much about you.

The Tarot is a great tool for predicting timing and events in your life. It is also great in working out how to make situations better for yourself

I find that I receive channeled & intuitive messages from the Tarot and when teaching others how to use Tarot I find that their own Psychic senses can be enhanced.

The day has come to take control of your destiny, love, money career and happiness. Have a reading now...or continue reading about my email reading Options

Would you like to know which direction your life should be going?

Why not learn who you really are and your real purpose?

How would you like to be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses which then will help you overcome difficulties and obstacles?

Have an email reading here are my reading options of which I will use both Numerology and the Tarot

Disclaimer:Any prediction or other message that you receive from me is in no way a substitute for professional advice given by lawywers, doctors, accountants or financial advisers.You a responsible for how you interpret the information I give you I am only here as a guide. The information and advice given through these readings should be used purely at your discretion

Experience & Qualifications

My experience in this field goes back nearly 2 decades and I have been working as a professional reader for 10 of these. A Tarot Reader and teacher and group facilitator I pride myself on giving you a honest reading using all my gifts including my knowledge of Numerology


Experienced Tarot Reader and Teacher.

New Zealand Diploma in Counseling



2nd attuned Reiki Healer

And Dream Analyzer