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I realized my gifts when I was a child. While growing up and as an adult I have enjoyed reading for friends and family. Noticing how accurate I was and with encouragement from friends she decided to start reading on a professional level. I have read for people from all walks of life. Anywhere from someone suffering from a breakup to law enforcement needing help with a case. I am not one to shy away from helping someone. The skills that I have is mediumship (talking to spirits that have crossed over), psychic (using all senses – sight, smell, see, hear, taste and feel) telepathy/Empath (see and feel what another person is doing). I am also able to give times frames in various ways. It may be by giving a date or I may see a symbol that will relate to the timeframe. My style of giving a reading is honesty and compassion. I will be truthful and give you the messages you need to hear. Please read one of review from the psychicreview " Has Anyone gotten a reading from a actual medium " I spoke to SweetRose and she was scary good. At least for me anyway. She's a medium and a psychic and like her name, is super sweet. I'd had the feeling someone had been trying to get a message to me and by chance found her on keen. The first thing she said after hello she was instantly asking if I have a cat and told me someone with her was telling her I'm a "cat lady"! (this is true lol I have 2 kitties and I love cats.) It took her a moment to figure out who was talking to her, she knew it was a male and then started describing him and I knew it was my grandfather. She started describing specifics about my grandfather and describing things I'd been seeing lately (i didnt even tell her about them, she brought them up.) and told me they were signs from him trying to get my attention. She picked up that he drove a big red truck and liked to hunt and the woods, knew of his back problems and that he had big feet (he really did too. We had to buy his shoes at a speciality store!) and a bunch of other things specifically about him.And crazy enough, she picked up on my ex as well.

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over 7 years of professional psychic reading online Natural born Psychic medium , Empath Remote viewing Clairaudient, Clairsentient . Started out giving reading for mothers who lost a child and helped them with their loss and grief.