About My Services

In this current environment, many of us find ourselves in a place that can be difficult to navigate. Through this service, I will guide you through the steps towards improving your financial situation with my vast psychic capabilities we will find the answers that you seek.

I am a multi-generational psychic medium with over a decade of experience. I provide evidential readings through working with your higher self, to find answers on your current financial outlook. I also provide accurate psychic readings for love life, job life, home life and spirituality. I primarily use no tools but can also use Tarot, Tasseomancy, Pendulums and Crystals.

Experience & Qualifications

-62 week spiritual development mentorship (2009) -CDM healing 101 (2010) -Tarot and other various courses in person and online (2011-2019) -Ministries courses (2016) -SEE 1 year program (2017) -Power of Seven & Colour Course through Colour Energy (2017) -Reiki Master training (2014 - 2018) -Medium and spiritual development mentoring (2019) -Spiritualist Church Ministerial training (2018-2019)


Spa therapist license, ministerial license, in school for hypnotherapy