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I use Lithomancy and Crystallomancy to paint a full picture for you. Whatever question you may have, there will always be an answer. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Much like Tarot cards, the science of Lithomancy relies on how crystals fall in relation to one another. I use their positions and energies to interpret their meaning. Once you ask me the question, I will throw the gems and once they have settled, I will check the pattern and give you the right answer to your question. Each gemstone usually represents a specific area of life, I will tell you what to expect. In addition I use Crystallomancy to tap into energies and paint you a full complete pucture of whatever you need. It is shocking how accurate Crystallomancy can be. It goes without saying, everything is confidential. I have zero judgement and this is your safe space. Open up to me and ask me anything. Important note: Lithomancy and Crystallomancy deliver both good and bad news. There is no sugar coating.

Experience & Qualifications

I have done fortune telling reading with many clients and the result was accurate each time. I still remember the first client who asked me for Crystallomancy, she did not believe a word I said. Fast forward three years later, she came back and thanked me for the reading that changed her life. I do not use complicated words and always make sure that people understand everything that I say.


Naturally blessed since birth with 20+ years of practical experience