About My Services

Hello, I am a naturally born clairaudient and clairvoyant and I deal with all matters of the heart and I am mainly a love/relationships/people reader. Anyone u are concerned with, I will try my best to help and I seek to tell the truth no matter how painful it is. The reason being, as evolving humans, we need to confront truth and to be deeply honest with ourselves in life if we ever seek to make our dreams come true.

Truth and pain are our best friends. No one likes to hear that but that's really the brutal honesty of it. Without pain, we cannot grow. Without truth, we cannot confront our deepest shadows and transform darkness into light.

I highly welcome everyone to have an open mind when they come in for a reading. I always seek for kindness, truth and integrity to all my readings and I hope u will meet me halfway as well. May the divine light in all of us light the way forward

Experience & Qualifications

I am a natural born Clairaudient and Clairvoyant and had known this since i was 7 years old. My gifts cannot be taught. It is something that can only be born within you, a natural part of you that is instilled into every cell. In the past, as part of my ongoing learning experience with spirituality and soulwork, I went to Arthur Findlay Spirituality School of 'Trance and Transformation'' and ''Journey of the Soul'' in 2009/2010.