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Fortune Telling



Using ancient nadi techniques that have been fine tuned with research to fit in present context making it possible not only to predict but make and improve fortune Other Specialties  
About My Services

Indian astrologer with firm belief in my motto " Every problem has a solution" Started studying astrologer to prove it was a pseudo science but gradually found the problem lay in poorly read astrologers. Use the natal chart and divisional charts along with planetary transits to arrive at possible future scenario or to diagnose the cause of problems being faced and then take appropriate remedial measures using ancient Indian astrological remedies with a firm grasp on present situation and times.

Experience & Qualifications

Practicing astrologer for past 25 years. Hold a masters in management and running a astrological research center where people come to fine tune their astrological knowledge and research is performed on various aspects of astrology to match with present context.