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33 Years’ Experience in Guiding and Empowering Clients around the Globe. I am a Direct Channel that provides timely realistic Predictions that Do Happen! Let me help guide you to get the results you need in your situation. My results and guidance astound many clients around the globe, I am divinely guided through the teachings of Arch Angel Michael and I can help assist and be direct and honest about your situation. After having a near death situation in 2001 the energy force of Spirit has been strong and very direct in my channel work. Spirit will let you Know his/her Thoughts, Feelings and Intentions. Allow me to help Heal, Guide and provide Clarity NOW! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Sometimes in the rush of everyday life what we are reaching to achieve; gets lost!
Through insightful and honest conversations, what you are seeking can be closer than what you think. It is not always wishful thinking; sometimes it's the timing in your life and NOW is a great time to begin your journey working on yourself to allow us to help guide you there.

Experience & Qualifications

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I have been reading people and energies since I was 7 Years Old my parents have told me stories since being a toddler that today still does in some way spin me out! I Have 38 years Experience both Spiritually and also in Global Coaching.

I am Spiritually Gifted. I have been helping others professionally as a Spiritual Life Coach and Life Coach – Business and Life for the last 18 years. As soon as I was aware what I could tap into as a child I was typically scared of the unknown. Learning to master these gifts has helped thousands all around the Globe.

I am certified and have been helping professionally as a spiritual counselor. I provide fast readings on many different subjects; relationships, life choices, health, money and career. I do perform Angel readings, Spirit Guide readings, Love readings, Soul mate readings.

My advice comes from years of professional experience as well as from personal ones. My psychic ability is hereditary and significantly developed. My clients are always satisfied from not only my readings but also my honesty.

I will assist you with general life questions. I am direct and to the point; don’t be shocked, I do not beat around the bush., nor do I sugar coat!


I am an experienced reader with years of expertise. I am proficient in Relationship Advice, Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing , Positive Energy Reinforcement, Aura Cleansing Career Psychic Readings , Spiritual Counseling and more.
Personal Development and Living in Balance with your partner or other relationships. A gifted empath who will support you through the difficult moments on your special path to a more fulfilling life of joy and abundance and successful relationships. Looking forward to supporting you.

It is my goal to awaken the soul within and provide you with spiritual enlightenment to help you on your chosen path. I believe every person and everything we encounter in this life is for a reason.
Certified – World Metaphysical Association Accreditation, Professional Intuitive, The American Council of Holistic Healers – Provider of Holistic Higher Learning. Certified International Natural Healers Association – Registered Healer INHA, Certified – International Coach Federation ICF, Certified Organizational Member – American Holistic Health Association. Holistic Metaphysical Healer,Intuitive Spiritual Healer.

Spritual Coach, Dating & Relationship Coaching, NLP Coach and Career Coaching,Emotional Healing, Energy Medicine, Vibrational Energy Healing, Healing of the Bodies, Spiritual Protection, Vibrational Treatments, Mind Power, Spirit Guides.

Please Note: I am available for live chats every day 10AM Eastern Standard Time until late night when my commitments allow. To my international clients, if you let me know a day in advance I will coordinate to be here at a time convenient to you. If this is an emergency or you don't have access to chat, request an instant on-the-road email reading from your Iphone, blackberry or any other device.

You must be over 21 to utilize my services. For Entertainment Purposes Only.