About My Services

The art of fortune telling can be complex or simple. Through out history people have looked to the mages and seers of old to guide them accurately. There are many who have had divine guidance, Joan de Arc, Nostradamus, the Oracle at Delphi, and so many others. I have followed in their footsteps and searched what they searched for, truth. If you are interested in truth, contact me. I specialize in helping people through love, but not only this, I also help people find their destiny. I use Tarot, Runes, Tea Leaves, and may other implements to help me guide you. Please specify what type of reading you want if you have a specific type you're interested in.

Experience & Qualifications

I have read for over 4,500 clients and have conducted innumerable readings. I have been reading the tarot since age 9 and reading professionally since age 11.